Center for Skin, Laser,
& Healthy Aging

About Us

Established in 2003 by the physicians of McDonald Murrmann Women's Clinic along with Sarah Carpenter Ognibene, RN, BSN, the mission of McDonald Murrmann Center for Skin, Laser, and Healthy Aging is to encourage women and men to take better care of themselves by pursuing a natural and healthy view of themselves, their skin, their bodies and their lifestyle.

What is natural? A grade school student sketching a friend in class learns about lines and shadow, the natural curvatures of the human face and form. We don't have to be taught to see natural beauty in the every day. As students, and now as medical and skin care professionals, we still value the organic over the mechanical.

Our founder connection with McDonald Murrmann Women's Clinic puts us in a unique position of having a healthcare background to all that we do. While most of our procedures are non-invasive, and don't require doctors to administer them, we do have immediate access to and employ medical professionals. Our clinical experience and patient relationships give us a better scientific and relational viewpoint for every consultation and procedure.