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"HydraPeelTM" 7 in 1 Aesthetic Platform (Dermalight Technologies, Inc., Atlanta, Ga.) takes its name from the word "hydrate" meaning to "cause to take up moisture". This ability to actively moisturize the skin during the treatment process sets it apart from all other skin resurfacing procedures available, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser/IPL treatments.

The special tip, which is the unique part of the "HydraPeelTM device, is known as the AquaPeel Tip. The treatment works differently from traditional microdermabrasion due to the spiral shape of the tip, which has multiple abrasive edges meaning that the skin is exfoliated several times as the tip is moved over it in a planing motion, whilst the serums applied soften the skin and sebum (skin oils) making it much easier to extract away impurities.